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Short and Sweet

25 Jan

Sean-Lowe-Bachelor week 3 

So I’ll have to skip a long Bachelor recap this week, but alls I got to say is…if a limo pulled up with my dog inside I would marry on the spot whoever made that happen. That is of course if I wasn’t already married to a wonderful gentleman. But guys take note, Sean is about to make you all look bad.







I love how you say ‘my wife’

17 Jan

Sean-Lowe-Bachelor 2

OK So here we go!! The first official one-on-one goes to Sarah. She is super adorable and super excited. They kick things off in full Bachelor fashion by hopping into a helicopter, always a great chance to snuggle close together and point to things out the window.

Straight out of the gate they went with a crazy daredevil date! They are going to free fall off of a building – yikes!! Of course they complete the mission and are brought closer together during their thrilling experience. The best part though is later on when Sarah explains her embarrassing and traumatic tale of being told that she was not allowed to go zip-lining due to her disability. She loved how Sean had complete faith in her and did not treat her any differently. This just proves how awesome of a guy he is, or sincerely appears to be on camera at least (I have a hunch he is the real deal… UNLIKE Jake Pavelka…that yucky man does not deserve to have the same name as my awesome husband! haha)


I’m sure it would be difficult to stand out from the crowd because of something you have no control over. I love how she does not let it hold her back in anyway!! I’m sure this is ignorant, but we were wondering as we does she get her hair in a ponytail!? Anyway, they had a really cute little dinner and convo and wrapped up with some kissing, well more like…pecking!? There didn’t seem to be much passion there, but it was a first kiss so they may have been nervous.

Next up was a group date with Sean and 67 women, ok maybe only like 13, but still way too many to keep track of. Here is where we first see how two-faced Tierra is and how Sean doesn’t have a clue. But even MORE two faced later on is..Amanda? I think that is her name, she was wearing the bright yellow dress with rose sleeves. She looked like she was possessed and totally ignoring the other girls and then all the sudden turned on the charm when she talked to Sean. And then he picked her despite the fact that she still looked crazed and sweaty during the rose ceremony.


Woops, got off track – group date. OK so photo shoot, the model was overly excited and then only really cared that she got the ‘contract’ and didn’t care about Sean. Lesley M. kissed him during the photoshoot, wanted to kiss him again, chickened out, but then went back to find him to steal her awkward kiss. I do like her and think she could be a top contender.

Kacie B. is not the sweet innocent young chickadee from Ben’s season, she is wiser and more conniving this time around, she was basically coaching Katie (the one with even crazier hair than Kacie) to go ahead and head home, which she ended up doing. Another one bites the dust. Kacie gets the rose for being stupid brave enough to be on the Bachelor twice. Tierra is TO’d and annoying…Do you think ABC plants one girl every season to spout ‘I’m NOT here to make friends’ and be as bitchy as possible?

Next one-on-one is with Desiree aka Des. Sean is up to his old trickster ways and pulls Chris Harrison in to pull off a major prank on Des. He has her convinced that she ruined a very expensive art work at a gallery opening. It was pretty funny, but Sean just couldn’t help feeling terrible the whole time. He made it up to her later by bringing her back to ‘his’ house for some hot tub time. They have great chemistry and most importantly, Sean has finally found someone he can talk to about how obsessed he is with his parents’ marriage. I am REALLY wishing they would not have shown footage of  her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, or whatever, coming onto the show. I just wanted to be able to enjoy this lovely evening without glimpses of future drama totally ruining it, but maybe ABC is just tricking us?!


Rose ceremony, OK I already covered crazy yellow rose shoulders. Hmm what else did we have going on? OH! I know, Sean totally nailed it when Robyn confronted him about his feelings about how the contestants are from many different ethnicities (well a couple of them anyway…) He gave an awesome answer without coming off like he was just spouting a politically correct answer. I like her A LOT more than I did when she just seemed like an awkward nerd in the first show…sorry!!

He also had pretty good one-on-one time with Lindsay – the girl from Missouri who wore a wedding dress and got way too tipsy on the first show. She really redeemed herself and they had good chemistry. Catherine and Selma also appear to be top contenders, you could tell he was very pleasantly surprised with the crop of ladies that ABC picked, he definitely feels like his wife is in the room!!

Diana and Brooke headed for their limos, it was pretty clear there was nothing going on there and since Diana had two kids, Sean actually looked honorable sending her off to go and be with them. Can he do no wrong!? Only time will tell! See ya next week!

If the year were a person…

15 Jan

2013 would only be a three year old…it is still a brand new year with so many possibilities…

I’m still high on the fumes of a brand new year, 2013 is going to ROCK!!!


Let the Battle Begin!

8 Jan

So…in typical first night fashion, we had a drunk girl, a crier and the makings of a villain.

Sean-Lowe-Bachelor really

Let’s start from the top with our Bachelor, Sean. As Tierra squeels when she finds out who the new Bachelor will be, ‘He’s SO family oriented…EEEEE!!!’ The only missing puzzle piece in his life is the perfect lady. So instead of just dating from a pool of suitable ladies in his own geographic area, he decides to let ABC set him up once again.

First he has to get his mind right, so Arie swings on by to give him a few pointers. Can I just say…LOL? Sean is pretty funny, I don’t think that came through as much during his time with Emily. Wonder if now single Emily is totally kicking herself for not giving him more of a chance??

OK let’s get onto the ladies and their crazy shenanigans to try to impress/stand out from the crowd. There are too many to remember all their names quite yet, so forgive me for referring to them by their most memorable characteristics….

Sooo there was the girl that sang a song, actually the song was not half bad. But she was tragically too tan and had really crazy extensions?? Also, the white dress. She ended up going home. Wait a minute…is this the same girl? She needs to hire that person to do her hair/makeup at all times.

kelly before kelly


There was 50 shades of drunk – her dancing was highly entertaining though, I’m sure for both the TV viewers and those who were actually in the room. Needless to say – sent packing. Shame on her for assuming that Sean is anything other than a GENTLEMAN!

50 shades

There was the girl that fell flat on her face :( Oh dear it was so very awkward and I felt sorry for her. She seemed like a real sweet girl and I’m just wishing she would have stopped at one!! He is giving her a chance to redeem herself so we’ll see.


Hmm let’s see what else, we had lipstick girl, wipe OFF the lipstick girl, lace heart girl, penny wish girl, football girl, a couple of models and some girls who just did the ol fashioned ‘hi nice to meet you, I’m nervous, I can’t wait to talk to you inside’. I kinda think that is what I would go with, not very daring, I know.

Then we had ‘complete my heart tattoo on my ring finger girl’ Sean was blown AWAY by this! He just HAD to go inside, convince Chris Harrison to throw all rules out the window and give her a rose!


WOW, this just turned everything upside down and put a target squarely on her back. Looks like from previews of upcoming episodes though that target is 100% deserved. Look out ladies, there is a new villain in town! She will steal your man!!…(who you are already sharing with 20 other girls).

villain 1

I personally liked the blonde in the blue dress, until she ended up crying because she doesn’t like competing for men. Well…don’t go to the rodeo and cry because you don’t like ropin and ridin!


I also like the bridal stylist Desiree, but it looks like she is going to cause Sean some heartbreak later on. Also I like Sarah (I think?), the girl that was born with one arm. I felt really bad when she boiled down the reason she was single to the fact that she only had one arm…some people CAN be jerks, but I know she will find the one for her…will it be SEAN!??!

Oh yeah and Kacie B. is back. I like her a lot but kiiinda feel like if she already met him in real life and nothing happened then nothing will happen now??

Only time will tell!! Who are your favorites so far?? Let me know in the comments below!

all the girls