5 Min ‘Zombie’ Beauty Treatment

31 Oct

In honor of Halloween, I wanted to bring you something slightly scary but also slightly awesome and useful – ok VERY awesome and useful and not really scary at all but let’s pretend ok?

I’m calling it the 5 minute zombie beauty treatment. You need 3 products and 5 min – preferably the 5 minutes right before you shower. And when you are done you will have tighter, softer skin, moisturized hair and whiter teeth!!

1. Apply Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask all over your face  – $5

mint julep mask

Zombie Effect: Gives you a nice greenish rotting skin tint to your face

Beauty Effect:: Tightens pores, softens and deep cleans skin, great for breakout prone skin

2. Apply Coconut Oil to your hair – $12

Click the picture to take you to the product link or you can read more information on how to do this here

coconut oil

Zombie Effect: Your greasy hair will give you a ‘dead for days’ look

Beauty Effect: After shampooing and conditioning like normal, your hair will be softer, stronger and more manageable (works better if used several days in a row)

3. Apply Plus White 5 minute Whitening Gel to your teeth – $7

They have a kit that comes with a mouth guard thing, or you can just apply directly to teeth.

plus white

Zombie Effect: Your mouth will be foaming as you stumble around looking for your next victim

Beauty Effect: Whiter teeth! (Again, best results will probably occur after a full week of use)

OK now that you are done you should be looking something like this:



Hang out for 5 min while everything works its magic – then rinse out the whitening gel and shower as normal to remove the coconut oil and face mask.

TADA!!! You are now the prettiest zombie on the block!

Hope you enjoy your Halloween!

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  1. Emily 28. Nov, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

    Can we please get a before & after photo of you? haha

  2. Leah 28. Nov, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

    lol…well I almost did that except I decided I didn’t want that image on the interwebs forever!

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